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Why Use A Buyer's Agent?

Getting caught off guard by the complexity of a property purchase? Want to walk an easy path as you acquire a home or investment asset? Henning Property recommends you get in touch with a buyer’s advocate. With endless expertise and a keen eye for local real estate markets, buyer’s advocates will always be in your corner.

Need more convincing?
Here are 5 reasons why you should consider partnering with a buyer’s advocate.

1: A keen eye for property ➝

Are you inspecting a home or investment with an interest to purchase? Trust us, everything might not be what it seems. Buyer’s agents have helped purchase countless properties over the years, so they know what to look out for in each property. From the best streets, comparative sales in the neighbourhood through to its presentation, pros and cons– an advocate can tell you a lot about a property on your shortlist.

2: Price insights ➝

Many people fall into the trap of making emotional purchases when it comes to property and don’t always keep a steady and cool head. A buyer’s agent can give you a very realistic and honest appraisal before jumping into the negotiation process and in certain instances, can help you avoid paying too much for a property. There’s a lot to be said for inside knowledge and every now and then the expectations of a vendor are simply too high and a reputable buyer’s agent will be able to guide you through this process and give you an honest, indicative price range when negotiating in these scenarios. It always pays to have an impartial assessment without emotion or sentiment attached.

3: Extensive networks ➝

There are quite a few people involved in the buying process. A good Buyer’s Agent has built up a strong rapport with local Real Estate Agents and has access to stock that is potentially off-market or premarket. This puts you, the purchaser in the box seat if and when these opportunities become available. Furthermore, your buyer’s agent – if necessary – can refer you to several property specialists, including building and pest inspectors, conveyancers, lawyers, and much more. Get in touch with the people you need to with a little help from your agent’s network.

4: Negotiating skills ➝

It’s no secret: Buying property is not cheap. Buyer’s advocates are trained to negotiate and to negotiate in your favour. They will represent you during all pricing discussions, so you get an end deal that puts a little less strain on your budget, and one that has brokered good terms and conditions for the buyer.

5: Reclaim your time ➝

Time is an incredible valuable commodity and one that you cannot buy back. Sometimes it is simply impossible to attend all those mid-week inspections, Saturday morning auctions and the last-minute private inspections that are sometimes available to interested parties. A buyer’s advocate manages all of these commitments and can be your boots on the ground, voice piece to the Real Estate Agents and your trusted advisor. If time is of the essence when it comes to your property aspirations, then a buyer’s agent is your answer and saving grace.

Want to partner with your own buyer’s advocate? Henning Property is a professional buyer’s advocate in Geelong and surrounding areas.

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